Interview with Herbert X. Blyden

Before the rebellion you had sent some demands to Commissioner Oswald and he had responded with a tape recorded message. How did you feel when you got that?


Well after we sent the 28 demands to Commissioner Oswald, ah, he came to the prison and he sat with five inmates, not five signatories to the demands, only one of the five was in the group that he sat with. He in turn spoke not to the demands but to correcting such things as the toilet paper issue and the soap issue. But we, we made, ah, a request for 28 specific demands relative to adequate salary for a hard days work in the metal plants, and he didn't even address those. And once he played the tape over the inmate air phone, the institution it seemed, you know, to a man, was booing him. That should have been, I think, the sign that there were grave concerns about the sincerity of Commissioner Oswald and no one really looked at that.


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