Interview with Willie Bolden

So what was that you were saying about Emma Darnell?


I said, Emma Darnell, ah, was and still is a very excellent administrator. She's a dynamic communicator. She's aggressive. And on top of that, she's Black. She's a female. And Maynard gave her the job to see to it that those persons who wanted contracts from the city of Atlanta, come up with the agreed upon, ah, ah, requirement of Black minorities. And the White power structure downtown couldn't deal with Emma. Because not only was she Black and a female, but she was smart and she was a very excellent communicator. So that, she would look at the contract and if it didn't have the appropriate amount of minority participation, she said, take that back. Get it right. They couldn't deal with that. Not a Black female. And that ultimately got her terminated, but she did her job, and she did it very, very, very well.