Interview with Dale Bowlin

Now, after the McDuffie incident, the, ah, when the accident first happened, there were several officers who were then subsequently arrested, or at least charged, ah, what was the effect on the police department, the other officers who had to continue their duty?


Well, we'd had something like 244 articles on police behavior just prior to and up through the McDuffie incident. I mean, there was this tremendous animosity between the media and the police. Ah, so it had, a, an effect on the officers like its us, you know, against them. Nobody cares for us, we're out here by ourselves, we were short of personnel at the time, some of the officers were saying, "We're not going out on the road. We don't have sufficient backups. We don't have enough people to do this job. It's very unsafe. We don't like it." There was a great deal of poor morale. There were labor problems. There were threatened wildcat strikes, it was, ah, a very unmanageable situation.