Interview with Dale Bowlin

OK, and your best thoughts on what, ah, the attitude should have been or was during the trial.


Well, I think as a department we were down. We, everybody felt bad about it. I can't remember a more embarrassing or debilitating type of incident ever happening into a police department, especially our department. We, we'd been a proud department. We, we've always felt o--of ourselves as, as a good department, giving good service, very professional, our director at the time was well-known for his professionalism. We felt good about ourselves. And suddenly the bottom dropped out with this incident, and it couldn't be explained away. It couldn't be just saying, "Well, that was just something that happens because police officers were out there doing their job and this guy chose to run." We, we knew that something beyond just a officer having to do his job had occurred. We knew something terrible had occurred and, and we felt embarrassed about it. And to a great degree, the morale within the department centered around, whether or not they were found guilty, we as a department had a Black mark against our name that will probably take years to ever live down. I think, 'til this day, people associate that incident with our department.