Interview with Dale Bowlin

You mentioned, you know, on the phone that you really lost control of it. Or that it was out of control. I wonder if you could just talk to me about that, just a little--


Well, at the time that the verdict came out, they were having a rally down at the Justice Building. And they were rallying on the steps and then the verdict came out and when it did, it was a not guilty verdict, people were very angry. And they swept around the Justice Building complex. They began burning our cars. They began burning, ah, citizens' cars. They came to our building, our headquarters building and they said they were going to torch it. Thankfully we were able to stop that. The city sent over a group of officers that were able to stop them from doing that. Ah, but, out in the areas of Liberty City, it was totally out of control. We had no chance at all of bringing it under control. At the time, I think we had about, in the Central Region, about 20 officers on duty. So, it was impossible to try and control it with that many officers so we went on an emergency basis, calling officers in, asking the city for all the help that they could give us, and of course the city was tied up with their own problems.


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