Interview with Dale Bowlin

OK, and what were some of the early findings you found that made you suspect


Well, one of the things, when I went and looked at the motorcycle, and I had some background training in accident reconstruction, I know when a motorcycle slides on its side, that the pegs which stick out, the rubber pegs where you rest your feet, should have had worn marks on them from coming in contact with the pavement. I didn't find that. I didn't believe that that motorcycle slid on its side. I also looked at the gas tanks and found that the gas tanks had actually impressions of Kel-Lites, which are long police flashlights, six celled steel flashlights, which was allegedly one of the murder weapons used. And, I saw the impressions of flashlights on there, and, and, I felt, from the start, that something was wrong. I did not feel that he had an accident. I felt that something more had taken place.


I'd like to stop down just very briefly for you and see where we are on this camera roll.