Interview with Dale Bowlin

I'd like to go into getting an honest description of what happens in a high speed chase, the pressures that a police officer might feel, the, the, the, we're sort of getting into everything that's been negative here, I'd like to understand a little bit better what--


--been to is a high speed chase. You're being forced to chase someone, not forced, but you're chasing someone because he's broken the law, you've noticed something suspicious, he's fleeing, and you know there's something going on that deserves your attention, that this person deserves arrest, stopping, and yet this person may be going through red lights and stop signs at 80 or 90 miles an hour and you're being forced to do the same thing. And it's one of the most frightening experiences that you could, that you could ever be through. I mean, it's not something that police officers want to go through. Ah, contrary to this thing that you may see in movies that it's thrilling and police officers enjoy it. To the, to the opposite, police officers are very frightened during this time, and, it's something they don't care to go through. Uh--