Interview with Herb Boyd

There, we're back in like '67. Tell us about, you know, What happened? How did you hear about twelfth street and what did you do?


It was like about ten o'clock in the morning when I got the word. One of my partners called me up he said man hey Herb it's panic in the street. Let's hit it. Let's roll. So I say OK let me get myself together, grabbed the kids, ran out and jumped in the old Fairlane and headed out to twelfth street. Man everywhere was people going pall mall, helter skelter. I knew something was up. So I said OK let's go on over twelfth street where the thing actually occurred. When we got over there it was like about two or three hundred people had already gathered. Now this is like about eleven thirty in the morning. A Sunday morning you know. So you don't expect that kind of a thing on a Sunday. I don't believe the police department did either. But nonetheless it was people all over the place. And you could feel that there was a tension in the air but at the same time it was a certain kind of exhilaration. You know like hey let's get it on with. Let's go ahead move and do something. And it was like already a couple of stores that been--somebody had thrown a brick or thrown a garbage can or something through one of the windows over there so you can see that if something was in motion that it was something in the air or atmosphere of change and excitement.


Cut. That was good.