Interview with Herb Boyd

When you were out there on the street Herb I mean and so there're two, three hundred people out on the street on the street. I mean it was the excitement and tension in the air. What did you do then? What was happening? What did you do?


Well well later on now your moving into the afternoon now. Sunday afternoon around three or four o'clock I had moved out of the 12th street/Claremount area over toward McGraw and Grand River where I knew there was an A&P store. So we drove over there. When we got there they had already torn that store apart. Whole big front windows were out. People were going in there throwing things out. I pulled over to the curb, popped the trunk open, my sons and I we got out and we loaded it up with five pounds bags of Domino sugar all the can goods we could gather, closed the trunk and took off. We came back again, when we got back there it was just riddled. I mean most of the food was gone. There was people let's burn this place down now. It was hollering all over the place. Let's torch it. Let's torch it. So they said no don't torch it yet man it's a safe in the back. So these guys went in the back room and found--


Lets leave the safe out.