Interview with Herb Boyd

So tell me what happened after you ran out there on the street? What did you do then?


Well late Sunday afternoon we arrived over at the A&P store there I knew there would be like a good place to gather up some groceries and everything. By the time we got there the whole front windows had been broken out. People were going in and out of there. Goods were flying out of the window. Sons and I we got out of the car, we loaded up the trunk and we got all the goods out. Hustled on home, dumped that to come back and to get a second load. By the time we got back was as little or no food left. But still up in there again then the cry in the air was let's burn this place down. Let's torch it. This sucker was always ripping us off anyway. You know they never hired many Black people you know it's kind of anger and frustration was in the wind. There were also much discussion about the kind of price gouging that was going on. They always had the prices inflated and everything. We don't care nothing about them. While few of us was trying to stop them from torching 'cause it was still some more food in there to get I think somebody was already moving to put a flame to the place. It was all we could do to stop them because they know that that fire would spread from one building to another. That was the basic concern I had about stopping the fire you know.


OK, lets cut.


I want to do it again. I want to you to give me the animated energy you had.