Interview with Herb Boyd

OK, Herb what happened that got you out there on twelfth street?


We left twelfth street it was about three o'clock in the afternoon now and so we said well let's go over to the A&P you know because we know that that would be a good place and then groceries and everything is over there. So we drove over to like A&P it was at Grand River-McGraw. When we got there people were all over the place. Going in and out of the store. The front windows had been broken out. People running out with big bags of groceries and everything so we got these five pound bags of Domino sugar and all the can goods we could get and even meats and filled up the trunk, took off, went home, came back for the load up again. By the time we got back though they pretty much had ripped off everything in the store. Now folks were talking about torching the place. "We did got everything in here let's burn this sucker down." You know they were always price gouging and they didn't hire any Black people and a general kind of anger and frustration was in the air. So people said let's burn it. I'm trying to stop them don't burn the place down the flames will go all over the place. It's still some more food in there to get. So they said no, no, no, we're torching this sucker. He was no good, he was a racist, he was a racist dog and so it was all we could do to keep them from not torching the place. We got to keep this place under control. So at that point you know they cooled out they came in with us and we continued to rip off and get the rest of the food that was left there.