Interview with Herb Boyd

Tell me about how things changed when the National Guard came to the city? Relate that story to me about when you driving down the street that night?


Well I remember driving around the neighborhood that evening when the National Guard had come into the city and the whole holiday mood, the festive kind of gala event was all over. It was just kind of mood of repression had set in similar to what had been in Detroit before the rebellion occurred. So we were driving around we went over on Lasalle Boulevard and we turned the corner there and up the street we saw this whole brigade you know troops were coming and tanks and everything. We quickly changed our path, turned around and went back around the street but when we turned around we heard this hear report you know like fifty caliber machine guns just tearing out all over the place. So we drove around the block and came back the other side. By that time the tanks had moved up the street and we were in back of them so we could up Lasalle Boulevard and see exactly what kind of damage had been done. And you could see like the tank tracks all across the lawns. And you got close to the buildings you could see like the fifty millimeter caliber bullet holes pock mark buildings. The edges indiscriminately sprayed these mansions all up and down the street.