Interview with Herb Boyd

People said it was planned. I mean that there was snipers out there organized snipers. I mean tell me about I mean where did that come from?


I'm not sure where that rumor came from but it was a rumor in the air that it is a invading force had come across the Detroit River from Canada and they were largely responsible for igniting this rebellion. That is this was a plan this was not an spontaneous eruption of frustrated and angered people. That this was a coordinated, very deliberated communistic plot that was going on. That there was spies being sent in. That there was like a revolutionary. These were like armed revolutionaries are going to be stationed around the city and there are going to be snipers shooting at police officers. That word spread all over the community. And I think that forced these the troops to be even more wary so that any little incident if a fire was somebody lit a cigarette in the window it would be enough to like 'cause one of their National Guardsmen to aim his rifle in that direction.