Interview with Herb Boyd

People, there was this notion that it was planned. Tell me about that? What it really was?


There was rumors being circulated that this was a plot. That the whole rebellion was a coordinated plot by armed revolutionaries coming into the communities. There was even a rumor being circulating that they were coming across the Detroit River to invade the community. That they once this thing was in motion they were going to make sure it continued. In other words that it would deny the fact that you had in that community for a number of years a general frustration of the people. I mean looking at unemployment, looking at the kind of you know the housing was bad at that time. Police brutality was all over the place. People were like virtually starving. There were no you know prices were sky high. So I mean that was what the eruption was all about. It was no coordinated plot as far as we could see. Although that rumor was circulated.


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