Interview with Herb Boyd

When did you see the rebellion ending, and what do you think caused it to stop, and what direction did you and other people in the community decide you should take?


I believe and felt that by Wednesday of that week that the rebellion was pretty much cooled out that they had put a cap on things, that um clearly the presence of a large number of national guardsmen and federal troops along with a bolstered police department, they had the armed presence out there so the looting was over, the curfew had been put into effect, there was no motion in the street at that time. My concern at that point was that we begin to take our anger and frustration and channel it in some positive, towards some very positive objectives and goals. One of the things that we did in that committee was began to say how do we restore our the community. Once this here armed presence has been removed, ah so we say political organizations and certain kind of getting our neighborhood, establishing police community relations, those are some of the things that a number of us in the neighborhood began to think about. Ah, by thursday of that week it was certainly true then, by August the first the curfew was over, we're back in motion again.