Interview with Herb Boyd

Tell us about the Blind Pig incident: what you had heard about it.


Well the. what we should understand is that there was a number of raids at that time on the Blind Pigs, you know the one at 12th and Clairmount was the one that supposedly triggered the whole rebellion, but there were a number of other raids on Blind Pigs that week, that was the fifth one. They went in with the hope of making a real catch in terms of people who were in--gamblers--were selling liquor illegal liquor after hours and what have you. So they figured they'd get 25 or 30 people. But when they got there what they discovered was a smaller number of people, I think it was 12 people there. Ironically it was a party being given for two returning Vietnam Veterans, that's why those people had gathered there for that activity that evening. So they was somewhat disgusted, and I think that kind of anger and frustration on their part and not really getting what they were going after might have like incensed them, and really lead to all of the kind of police brutality that sprang out of that incident that brought all those people to the street after that.