Interview with Herb Boyd

Tell us that story again, you roll that story, and we're recasting it now. Later in the day, you went by this A&P and you saw--


After we left 12th and Clairmount, we went over to the A&P at McGraw and River. When we got there they'd already torn out the big picture window, I mean someone had thrown a can shattered all over the place, people were going in and out of the store, carrying all kinds of good. This went on for oh, a half an hour, I'm watching all this activity go on. So after they had gathered up all the food that they could there was a cry "torch the place, lets burn it down." Well then I say--I got involved at that point--and saying "look we should not be burning this place, place down, this fire will catch on," because there are a lot of adjoining buildings to the A&P, that means the fire will go all up and down this block, as it had done all on the west side where nine homes had went up once they had torched a gas station over there. So it was an concern about burning down any building because a fire would spread all over the place. I finally was able to convince two or three of their people who I felt was the ring leaders in that and wanted to torch the store. I said look here put the torch down. Get all the food you want. But don't burn down this building. So they backed off and continued to loot the place.