Interview with Herb Boyd

OK, Herb did you think the rebellion in Detroit was a way to make a change happen in that city?


At the time that it was going on I felt like a number of my friends that the revolution was just around the corner. Being politically active at that time I most hooked up with a number of folks out there we'd been in the street organizing for a number of months. This was nothing new for us. In fact many of us was looking for and waiting for an opportunity to have that kind of--have the masses in motion because then we could jump in there and maybe begin to challenge and direct them toward some of their objectives, political objectives that we had you know in terms of organizations I was involved in. And we had police brutality, we had concerns about that. We had concerns about organizing against the grocers. We had a concern about just the general unemployment picture that was in the city of Detroit. And certainly police brutality was high on our agenda because there had been several incidences leading up to the July situation of '67. So that was nothing new for me. We felt very good about it. We felt that was a part of the process of change.


Thats good Good. Did you ?