Interview with Herb Boyd

OK, Herb--Tell us that story again about that night you were driving down the street and you saw a National Guard. And the reports I mean the fire--


Yes, This was like Monday evening day after the riots had began. We were driving down Lasalle and coming at us was a whole convoy of troops headed up by a couple of tanks. So we immediately turned and went back up the street. About fifteen, twenty seconds after we turned around we heard this large I mean it was like huge fire I mean gunfire. Boom, boom, boom, boom, boom. So we continued on around the block. And said we'd go down a couple of blocks and come up in back of the convoy to see--to find out what had happened 'cause we certainly didn't we didn't want to go back the way we had come. So we went all the way around in back of them and we were coming up the street to see what kind of things had that had happened when we heard the gunfire. We got up the street there this mansion first of all you could see the tank tracks all across the lawn and then we got close up to the mansion you could see like the building was completely pocked marked. Indiscriminately this fifty caliber gun had just torn all the windows out and there was this gun holes all over the building and we just drove on off after that.


OK, lets cut. Thats good for me.