Interview with Herb Boyd

OK, Tell me about the rumors of snipers and what would happen with when the helicopters would come in?


Well throughout the four or five days of the rebellion it was like all kind of rumors in the air about you know invading army that is armed rebellion that was going on it was coordinated and it was all kinds of plots in the air. And snipers rumors of snipers all over the place particularly in the evening you know when there was a report of a sniper being in a particular location the helicopters would hover in, their spotlights would stream down on the location, the troops on the ground would be coordinated to come in cordon off the neighborhood and they figured they would have this here poor little old sniper isolated. In many incidences it was like a false alarm you know. There was no, no snipers available. They were really dealing with a kind of anger and the frustration at a community that's what was really on the agenda.


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