Interview with Herb Boyd

OK, Herb. Tell me a little about I mean the police, the big four for example what were they like?


The big four was like four officers in a police car. One uniform officer that usually normally drove the car and you had three plain(s) clothes officers there. They had license to carry out all kind of brutality. I mean just to say their name was a strike fear into your heart. When they came into your neighborhood everybody would freeze. The big four is coming. Just like they say these days fifty, fifty four said those days with the big four is coming. Everything was cooled out. They would come in and when they just parked somewhere and make their presence known it was enough to cool out a whole neighborhood. So they, they were like recognized for their brutality, they was recognized for kind of force that they would bring. They also they had the kind of a free license you know. They were like the, the, what you call the elite of the police department at that time. And they had the kind of terror and treachery connected with their name to make everybody cool out you know. No activity at all in their neighborhood when the big four came on the scene.