Interview with Herb Boyd

Tell me the story about the rumors and the helicopters what the federal troops and the police thought was happening in the city?


Well throughout the four or five days of the rebellion there were reports, rumors, that there were snipers all over the place. You know that this was kind of an armed plot that we were going to take over the community and what have you. Whenever there was rumor or report that there was a sniper in a particular location you would have like a helicopters would be called in they would hover over that location their spotlights would stream down in order to throw light all over that area. It would be coordinated with the ground forces. They would move in cordon off the neighborhood and were prepared to just tear that place apart. These were the kind of rumors that were circulated so often they were like ill founded. There was no sniper available there. They had been--it was a false alarm but they were so trigger happy that even a little sign of living life there they would open fire on the place and so a lot of innocent people were killed you know because they would be hovering down as a result of being called in like this you see.


OK, Cut. I think that's a wrap