Interview with Elaine Brown

How did that year of 1969 start? How did you grow and live through that year with the awareness of the death and the enemies you had?


Well, it started with, um, the assassinations of John and Bunchy, in, in Los Angeles, John Huggins and Bunchy Carter. And it, for me, every month I went to a funeral. Ah, I became a professional singer at funerals, I mean that's what I did. And that's what we all did. We, we even laughed about it. But when Hoover stated, in the beginning of the year also, that that would be the last year the Black Panther party would exist. He just made a statement, we said, he means it. We didn't think it was a joke. And we knew that we had to confront that. And we were serious about it. We had what we called the Executive Mandate Number One, which was that no Panther could every allow himself to, or herself to lose a gun-- INTERRUPTION. CUT]