Interview with Dr. John O. Brown

OK, now go quickly to that that story you told me about that meeting, with, ah, ah--


Well, there was an individual in this community who handled about 75 percent of all the rental property in the Overtown area. His name was Luther Brooks. We had a little luncheon club that met on Wednesdays. And Luther Brooks came to us to tell us about what some of the plans were for Overtown and the Black community. And he brought his maps and everything and showed us, this was about 1959, 1960, how that, the only way downtown Miami could expand was to expand into what was then known as the Overtown area, a Black community. And Blacks would be displaced in the north, in the northwest area. And all this area where we are right now was all White at that time. He said Blacks would be living from 20th street all the way out to 100 almost 200 Street in Miami at that time. And we just couldn't believe him, didn't want to believe him. But it has all come to pass because the all White's areas, the White flight. Whites are gone. Blacks have moved in and, not only predominantly Black, it's about 99 and nine tenths percent Black.