Interview with Dr. John O. Brown

But it wasn't that way when you came. Was it all White? All Black?


It was just about all White when I came to Miami. Now the area where I am right now was about 90 percent White at that time. Just ahead, just about 15 blocks from here, we did have the demonstration, ah, we had a Black entertainer by the name of Frank LeGreen[SIC] who bought a home for his mother in this area. And he didn't really, he was up in Knoxville, Tennessee, he didn't know anything about Miami, but some real estate guy had sold him this house. He didn't realize this was a White area. Today it's all Black but at that time it was all White. And when his mother moved into that house, we had the White Citizens Councilors who paraded and picketed in front of his house to try and get him out of there. So you know this area was predominantly White at that time. Still the same area where we had our first integrated school, the Orchard Villa School. At the time it was integrated it was 99 percent White and the very first year when they admitted Mrs. Range's kids and a couple of other families into that school, the next year it 99 and 9 percent Black.


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