Interview with Dr. John O. Brown

You were telling me earlier about the kind of hope that you had as a Black person here with, ah, integration in the 50s and, and, ah, how that's changed tell me--


Well we had hoped, when I came here, ah, this was a very segregated community. But with integration coming there was always that hope that there would be a merging, not in, ah, a merging of the opportunities, job opportunities, politics and everything. We'd just be one big happy family here. I think at that time most of us in the Black community felt that education was the key and once the schools were, were integrated and Black kids were given the opportunities to get training and everything and a lot of these other things would disappear. But I think that we have found over the long haul that this is just another facet, education certainly has not, not related to the progress that we have made in housing, to politics or economics, that these are all different facets and they must be fought on a different battleground.