Interview with Dr. John O. Brown

OK tell me, oh, it definitely is that fight for you know, a battleground for that kind of.


Yes, it definitely is and the thing about Miami that makes it different from any of the major cities of this, ah, country, I mean we're not the only one that has a bunch of Latins, Nicaraguans, Hondurans and Venezuelans and Cubans and with the Blacks and with the Jews and the others, there are many cities that, take San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York, but the thing that's quaint about Miami is the fact of job opportunities. I mean it's not an industrial city. So there's only a little, there's only one little pie out here and that pie has to be split in so many different directions and we're going to have to create more of these pies here and see that people are trained in order to be able to take advantage of the opportunities that are here. I think that's the crux of the whole thing, that we just don't have enough of everything here. And, there, the competition is going to be keen, very, very keen.