Interview with Dr. John O. Brown

Tell me that story.


Yes, I can understand the things that happened in Overtown and the way that they pushed the Black out of there because I had the same experience with my original home over in Brownsville. Ah, it was used as rental property when I moved over to this house and the renters decided to move. As soon as they moved then the inspectors came by every week or two and I was getting a notice to repair this, to add this, to add something else. Now no one was living in the house and I knew that there were many houses in that area that were not as, not as, ah, desirable as this house would have been for rental property. And, ah, finally I got, I was just pushed to the limit and I said, now look how much is it, how much would you, will this house be, this land and house be assessed, you know, if there is no house on this at all. And he told me what would be the assessment with the house on it and the one without it. I said, well you don't need to bother to come back with another inspection because when you come back again there won't be a house on that land. And of course I had it razed and knocked down. Of course my kids have not forgiven me to this day because this was the house that they were raised in and for sentimental values, I mean you can't value that in terms of money.