Interview with Clory Bryan

What problems did you have in terms of where Dr. King based his support in the Chicago campaign?


Ah there were, there was a group of people who were concerned that Dr. King did not work as close with the grass roots as they had hoped. Ah there was influence from some of the cities biggest universities. Ah from some of the political bosses in the Black community with whom he aligned himself that we were, well I don't know if they were political bosses, but let's say they--they called, they were set up as brokers for the Black community. And they were not always, as we used to put it on the square. And we had reasons to mistrust them. And we had hoped that Dr. King would not align himself with those people. But he did. I don't know whether it was because he was not well informed. I'm sure that's--that's probably the reason why. Because I can not think of another person on earth that was anymore fair than Dr. King.