Interview with Clory Bryan

Why did you have problems with people who were at the summit deciding issues for you?


Ah those people who sat in on the summits with the housing, ah department were not the people of our choice. We felt that those people who lived in Chicago public housing, those people who were emotionally involved. ah those people whom, Chicago housing was a way of life, should have been involved and who were a articulate enough, to say what the problems were and who was involved enough to know. And concerned enough to care. And those are the people we had wanted because we don't care about summits ah--ah taking place without us. We don't care about ah--ah covenants. Ah we want contracts in Black and White with some hard answers for us. With some signatures and some people we can hold responsible to and some time frames. But none of this was--was there. Again it was just another piece of paper.