Interview with Clory Bryan

Tell me something about what you left in Arkansas.


Ah well we left, what we left in Arkansas was segregation. Ah poverty, ah lack of job opportunities. Ah there was very little to offer us at all. And when we came to Chicago, we thought, you know, here's the land of opportunity. And ah as a little girl I had seen people come home ah on vacation from Chicago. And they had on pretty clothes. And they drove shiny cars. And they had money. And I thought, gee I want to go there and enjoy some of that. And but when we got here it was different. It was not that at all. Ah I guess those people must have saved a lifetime to come home and spend that kind of money. Jobs were hard to find. And housing was really poor. Ah and even when there was housing, you couldn't meet the rent because you didn't have a job. Ah educational opportunities was also very poor. You could go to high school, but after that, then college, there was just no way.