Interview with Linda Bryant-Hall

Not even decide, but when you heard--


OK.OK. When I heard that Stokely. When I heard Stokely stand up and say "Black Power", and he said it with so much force, and he wasn't ashamed to say it, and he said it with so much energy, that I knew that that was what I needed--that was the call I needed to adhere to. And, so many others of us in CORE, at the same time, felt that way. And, he said it in a way that we were, it said, I'm not ashamed of it. Yes, that's what I want. Put, it right out here on the table, you know; this is what it is, this is what it's about: "Black Power"--let's pick that up , and deal with that. And, they thought it was a challenge to those in the movement who were, ah, less, ah, militant. Ah, to either deal with that, or to ah, step out and say, I'm not backing it, one way or the other. But, ah, it was an exciting time for us, because we felt, yeah, these people all over the country are feeling just like we`re feeling right here; they want "Black Power."


Cut. That was it. That was it.