Interview with Linda Bryant-Hall

Now what did you think about the fact that he was basing his um--but first--Now what were the differences between the southern communities and the northern community that he was coming to here, in Chicago.


Well, I didn't really understand how different the communities were until he came and the people he brought with him, ah, and I got a chance to meet them, and see what kinds of people they were. And, in the south I got the impression that that community was more ah, monolithic. Ah, after he came here, it was quite obvious--at least to me--that this was a more diversified community and the tactics were going to have to be a little different here. What happened is that ah, when he came in, I think what he tried to do was to try and take that kind of style he had operated with in the south and just plan it down here in Chicago as if it worked there, it would work here, too. Not taking into consideration the differences that were here.