Interview with Charles Butts

Could you talk about Carl Stokes, I mean, Carl Stokes as a candidate, and Carl Stokes as an organizer? Let's, first, Carl Stokes in the field. Talk about Carl Stokes. What was it like being with Carl on the streets of Hough or Glenville, in the Black community for instance. What was that like?


In both the Black and White community, Carl Stokes ah, was a, a candidate of just immense charisma. Um. It would, it would be easy to ah, see that ah, in, in the Black community but maybe its best measure would be in the White community. I, I remember ah, when a group of ah, liberal White ministers were having a meeting and they'd invited everybody together. It was in a basement of a west side church, it was very warm. Ah, ah, Carl Stokes was still serving in the legislature. And in fact, the legislature was in session that day and he just couldn't escape a vote. We'd made arrangements for him to fly back and ah, and yet even so, he was late. And I was with that audience and they were--