Interview with Charles Butts

Could you start again and make sure you identify the business community, in 1967, why did the business community support Stokes?


It's ah, it's really not fair to I suppose ah, for me to, to try and determine the motivation of the business community's support of Carl Stokes. A, a, a cynical view might be that there were those who supported a Black mayor because then he could control ah, the Black community at a time when the business community, and everybody I suppose, was afraid of the kind of riots that were occurring at that time. Um, that would have shortchanged, I think, the spirit that was behind ah, the people who were supporting ah, Carl Stokes in the community. And, and I don't think it's fair to say it was true of all of the business community. Ah, but I think that would've been the kind of thing you might have read about in the paper both before and after the election.