Interview with Charles Butts

Describe to me walking in the headquarters with Carl Stokes and then showing him in the telephone room upstairs, could you just talk us through that again, walking inside, into the campaign headquarters and the telephone room and explaining what the telephone room was for.


I'd been able to arrange to get a downtown headquarters ah, that would be the headquarters in the 1967 ah, Stokes campaign. Ah, for free, which is the way you want to get it in a campaign. It had some ah, ground level ah, office space that would have been ideal for our volunteers to do the traditional kind of activities, but it had a, a larger room ah, that was ah, just down a hall and up the stairs as I recall. And as I was walking the candidate, Carl Stokes, through that first day and kind of laying out how I envisioned it, I said, "Up in this room we're going to have forty telephones and we're going to ah, we're going to solicit volunteers ah, cold, out of the phone books." Um, and um, and he said, "Well, that's going to cost a lot of money." And I said, "Well, that, that wasn't my part of the campaign," but that we did in fact ah, have that phone room. We did ah, solicit cold ah, volunteers and ended up with what we call a volunteer coordinator, a Black, Black supervisors. Black supervisors.