Interview with Charles Butts

You had worked in Mississippi in the early '60s as a journalist covering the Civil Rights Movement, the struggle going on there. How did your work, what you were doing with the Stokes campaign, how would you compare that? How was it connected with the movement in Jackson?


Ah, thinking back to the, to the period of time of the sixties I think that was that people believed they could really make a difference. Um. Certainly that was the strength and the spirit of both the people in the south and some from the north that went into the south, that just their caring enough and wanting to do something could make a difference. And that certainly ah, was a, would be a carryover of both the '65 and the '67 Stokes campaign. They didn't, they weren't well financed. They didn't have all the appropriate endorsements, and yet they believed they could make it happen.