Interview with Charles Butts

Once again, explain the strategy of how you organized people through the telephone.


Ah, this of course is just, I'm--If I describe ah, how we did it through the telephones, that's just one of the ways that, that people were recruited into the campaign. But I think it was a, a unique way that ah, that helped us to have that eighty percent turnout that occurred. Um, that uh--there's something called a crisscross which is a telephone book that organizes by house number as opposed to by alphabetical order. And we divided ah, all of the streets in the Black community ah, and sectioned them off ah, by twenty households. And we hoped to find a volunteer who would be willing to solicit support for Stokes ah, within each of those blocks of twenty. So we called them ah, block supervisors. And um, they had to go through the system of ah, of getting the non registered voter petition filled if they were involved early enough in the campaign. And then other activities that could then in effect test them. And those that, that didn't respond mail something back or bring something back into one of the field headquarters, why then, we'd go back to that list and try and find somebody so that for just about every twenty households in the community there was someone identified who had been tested who was working as a volunteer in that campaign.