Interview with Charles Butts

Tell the story of the second debate at the high school on the west side. And talk a little bit about the first debate and what happened that night in the second debate?


Well, the, the context of the second debate ah, in 1967 ah, probably should be set with the first debate, was on the east side with a largely ah, Black audience. Ah, Carl, who ah, thinks of himself as a very good debater and, and usually is had great success the first night. Ah, in the debate on the west side the audience ah, was more hostile. And a remark that ah, Carl made about the fact that the media and others were trying to make the race racial ah, was not well accepted by the audience. There was boos. There was ah, heckles and catcalls. The net result was a very negative kind of feeling. And the perception was, certainly what was written in the newspaper, was that ah, he had not won the debate. And there was a setback for the campaign.