Interview with Charles Butts

In terms of percentages, what kind of voter turnout did you need from the Black community and how dependent were you on the White liberal community? What were your goals in '67 when you were running Stokes? What kind of numbers did you need?


Well, the strategy was ah, and, and this is particularly true in 1967 to ah, ah, have the candidate campaign really equally on both the east and west side of town, in both the Black and White community. Of course, the ah, they, the campaign relied on doing very well in the Black community. And that's where there biggest campaign volunteer effort was. Um, now this was an off-year election and a primary was the first critical one to get through. Ah, and as a result of ah, volunteers that were brought into that campaign ah, we were able to get an 80 percent turnout, and 95 percent success of the people who were voting. The 95 percent was almost more predictable ah, and not as big a chore as the 80 percent turnout in an off-year primary election.