Interview with Jane Byrne

Did Jane Byrne make a deal?


There was no deal made, surprisingly enough. They didn't even ask for a deal. You have to understand, they were scared. Basically, deep down inside, they were scared. They had never taken--They had never done to a person what they had done to me. Who could ever have forgiven them? Because I'm telling you, that campaign was hell. What they wanted was the right to walk in and in the back of their minds I'm sure what they wanted was to have the good old days the way they always were. And they weren't going to have 'em. And it didn't make any difference to me if they came to my office or if they weren't--didn't come to my office. The mayor has great power in so far as the mayor can say, "No." And so it was fine with me if they wanted to come. It was fine with me if they wanted to put their projects before me. They had the right to. They represented fifty thousand people in every ward. They had the right to be recognized, but they didn't have the right to get me to turn inwardly on the things that I still believed had to be done.