Interview with Jane Byrne

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I continued--I didn't continue to support Swibel after HUD demanded his resignation because HUD did not demand his resignation. HUD asked for the resignations of the entire board, not Swibel. They asked it of Renault Robinson, Swibel, Nash, Letitia. They wanted all of it out. And they wanted to send in a consulting board from New York, made up of the man that had made the study, and his people to run it until a formal board could be appointed. Ah. Every board member knew it. All right? They all knew. They all had the letter. And they, he had asked, they had asked for every one of them to go. They all said no. And they all said, "That's HUD's way of really getting Swibel." Now, Swibel had been around, as I say, twenty years under Mayor Daley. He had been around--What? I was there three years. I'm sure that there was no massive difference in the three years that I was there and the twenty that Mayor Daley was there. But he was in a position now to be a target. You know. You get, by, baggage and mileage and god knows you can make an issue of the projects any day you want, because they're hell. And it seemed to me all of you go and he can go with you. But don't pull this on me that all of a sudden he's Mr. Dirty and we're all innocent victims here. HUD demanded all of them resign.


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