Interview with Jane Byrne

I would like you to talk about the whole thing around the snow storm and how you went on campaign on elevated platforms then.


I went to the people. I mean, it was the people that kept saying to me in the beginning, "Go get him." And I didn't go to the structure. It was impossible to go to them anyway. So I went to the people. And where do you see the most people? You see them going to work in the morning. You see them going into the factories. So yeah, I was up on the El platforms. And in the middle of all that they, someone made a decision not to have the train stop at every stop. And here were these people--I mean, my toes--I had ice within my shoes by the time this blizzard ended. I mean, they got in there with boots on. And here these people were standing, freezing, late for work, getting yelled at when they got there. You'd hear them. You know, you'd hear them what they were saying. And boom, right past them would go the train. And again, that was taken, even though I never thought this was intended to be an insult to the Black community. But apparently when they decided to do this they only decided to do it in the Black community. You see, to me, being a little more reasonable in my thinking, I just assumed there were so many people that couldn't get their cars out that the trains literally could not stop. You know, they were packed. But when I heard they only did it on the south side of Chicago I couldn't believe it. I just couldn't believe it.