Interview with Les Campbell

We're trying to establish that, that you're a long-time resident of Brooklyn. Was, was parent involvement in the schools something new in Brooklyn?


Well, as a long-time resident of Brooklyn, I had known my mother, Modesta, to be active in the parent association of our community during the time that myself and my brothers and sisters attended public school and to encourage other parents to be involved in the PTAs of the community. Many new parents who had recently moved from the South, ah, were concerned that their children received the best possible education and that their children be successful in the public education system. And my mother had explained to them that the only that their would be successful is that if they became active in the local parent association and helped to make the schools a better educational opportunity for their children and give their children the maximum opportunity for success educationally. So, I grew up around parent involvement and I understood and knew that parent involvement was very important to the success of the schools.


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