Interview with Les Campbell

OK, that May of '68, what organizations, and how did organizations, rally, rally to the support of Ocean Hill-[ Brownville ]Brownsville?


City-wide organizations came to the support of Ocean Hill-[ Brownville ]Brownsville after the UFT strea--teachers struck in 1968. Ah, in the Black community, organizations like the Black Panther Party, the Republic of New Africa, CORE [Congress on Racial Equality], ah, the African-American Teachers Association, all came to the support of Ocean Hill, brought their followers into the schools, recruited teachers, retired teachers, teachers who were working part time, to teach classes, and generally kept the atmosphere of the schools in an orderly manner, in a pleasant manner, and, ah, did not allow any of the, ah, riotous behavior that was anticipated by the United Federation of Teachers to occur. So, then, o--on the Board level, you had Dr. Milton Galamison, the late Dr. Galamison, who had organized a city-wide school movement, um, he brought in activists from the Bronx, Evelina Antonetti brought in Hispanic parents, Annie Stein from the West Side of Manhattan brought in sympathetic parents of White extraction, ah, and all the parents, ah, ah, it was a Japanese woman who brought in some Asiatic parents. Other parents throughout the school system who had their kids in the school system and realized the importance of what was going on in Ocean Hill came to the support of the district.