Interview with Les Campbell

That summer, you knew there was going to be a strike in the fall. What happened?


The plan was to recruit enough teachers during the summer so that when September came, if none of the union teachers came back, we would have adequate teachers to cover every class in the district. Ah, we recruited from among Black teachers city-wide, we, ah, the African-American Teachers Association was instrumental in doing this. We requested that the transfer into the Ocean Hill-[ Brownville ]Brownsville district and become part of the staffs of those schools. Also, you had political movements. As you know, the SDS political movement had been split on this question of Ocean Hill-Brownsville and community control, but those members of SDS that had supported the Ocean Hill-Brownsville movement transferred large numbers of their members into the ohbv district. So, when September came, we had more than enough teachers in ohbv to replace the striking union teachers.