Interview with Les Campbell

OK. Now there were the police outside, you have the White teachers picketing, or the teachers picketing, um, who were the police protecting during this, this, this fall strike of '68?


Well, the police department played a funny game with us. We could always tell when they were going to, what, what, what, what moves they were going to make. If they had Black policemen on the line, they were going to be friendly. It was going to be an OK day. We didn't have to worry that day when the Black policemen were on the line. But when ever the moved in the White policemen, especially the tall guys with the helmets on and the sticks in their hand, we knew, immediately, that that meant that confrontation was coming. So, ah, we pretty much calculated, ah, what the scene looked like and we knew what action the police would take by how it looked.