Interview with Les Campbell

OK, could you talk about your meeting in September of '67 with Rhody McCoy, when he was first appointed unit administrator at Ocean Hill-Brownsville.


Well, ah, the African-American Teachers Association had a very significant convention in 1966 in which we can out in favor of the concept of community control. And, ah, when the three experimental districts were established by the Ford Foundation in 1967, we were very concerned that these districts, ah, move forward the concept of community control of schools by, ah, the communities and the parents and the activists that were in the communities. And so, in 1967, after the parents had, the, ah, governing board had been selected in Ocean Hill-Brownsville, and they had appointed Rhody McCoy as the unit administrator, myself and Albert Vann, we met with Mr. McCoy to try to offer our assistance as an organization. We wanted him to know, we wanted to go on record having said to him that African American teachers--