Interview with Stokley Carmichael

As you go into Lowndes County, what are you organizing? What are you organizing against?


As we said now after the failure of the Democratic Party to respond properly to the Mississippi Freedom Democratic Party it was clear for some of us in SNCC that no longer could we talk of any way connection with the Democratic Party. Not only can we not talk of direction but we must go into direct organizing and opposition to the Democratic Party. Since Mississippi had the Mississippi Freedom Democratic Party, those of us in SNCC who were supporting this policy, thought of Alabama. Alabama represented for us a great climate. George Wallace was then head of the Alabama Democratic Party. The Alabama Democratic Party was racist. It's symbol at that time had a white rooster, a white cock, a chicken, male chicken, rooster, and it had the words of white supremacy. That was the official emblem of the Democratic Party of Alabama. So here it would be easy for us to tell our people, hey, look this party is not for us. We need our own party. So, the conditions there were clear and we could move in and not only organize our own party but organize an opposition to this white superior, superiority party, this racist party which had white superiority as its slogan and emblem.