Interview with Stokley Carmichael

No, just about the speech at Ebenezer.


The speech against the war in Vietnam is a very beautiful speech. I say one of the reasons why I have a great deal of love and respect for King was his love for the people and consequently his honesty. King was so honest that he could criticize himself publicly. And sometimes if one would listen to him the words he used were very sharp. In the speech on Vietnam, he has a quote, if I remember it correctly, it says, "There is a point where caution can become cowardice." And here he was speaking about himself because when asked to make a statement on the war in Vietnam, he kept using caution as excuse. And after a while, he began himself, because I, in our, in our propaganda against him, certainly we never used it and it hadn't ever even dawned on me. But he himself said it. There comes a point where caution can border on cowardice.